Friday, December 24, 2010

The Fine Arts

Hey hey it's the last angry man,Voltaire. Over the course of our conversation(blog) I have talked about political corruption, moral decay, and many other things, but I haven't talked about the fine art of music yet. I am a huge fan of the fine arts and my favorite art is a little something called punk rock. The water of society has diluted the once potent punk rock. I still belive in punk, I belive that we may never be able to fully imitate what it was but instead recreate it. Punk is something that sands of time will never bury, even when music "progresses" punk will stand strong. Not enough people make good music anymore, modern "musicians" are too lazy to create something of importance. I know some kids who say that it is impossible to be punk unless you wear skinny jeans and short spikey hair. They think of punk as a fashion statement and nothing more... Well it is more, it is the greatest anti-movement of all time. Punk remains in the hearts of those who live for chaos, those who are tired of modern music that is created by machines, those who have enough of a mind to see that things are messed up, those who know the truth.

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