Monday, June 6, 2011

Resisting the Wold

How can you resist the world? How can you resist the world when cooperate media influences our every moves. How can you resist the world when you live with ignorant conformists who spend their lives in fear, who care more about being accepted by society than anything else. They try to hide the sorrow that resides in their hearts by giving in to the media, peers, and just about any other influence there is. They know that if they are accepted by the world than no one would ever know how fake and shallow they really are. So how do we stop this? The answer is... we can't because, as sad as it is, we can't always resist what is so much stronger than us, but what we can do is weaken the opposition. Stop giving in to the media, stop trying to conform to their wishes, and don't hide who you are to be accepted!!!!!! The word of the day is routine, for some it is torture, others it is a mystery and yet some it is life. What does it mean to you. Is your life a gray, monotone, life? The pain of a lifetime is looking in the mirror and realizing what you have become. Admit it, you are just as much as a follower and sellout as anyone else and you will be until you try to make a change. If you care about yourself and this world you know that we are heading into the new dark ages, whether it is culturally such as music or movies, or as serious war and violence. Humans are naturally hateful and angry and it is being manifested through violence and murder. I speak for the people without tongues and act for the sheep, I say that we need to advance out of these bleak times, into a time of prosperity. We need to remove the shackles of media, we need to stop being sheep we need to resist the world.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hello, it's time for you to hear the truth from me, the one and only, the last angry man, Voltaire. We were born into the generation of music written by the untalented. Into a generation where punk was even more alienated than when it first started. Where punk seperated you from the great groups of gourmandizers pushing down on the old laws of music and society. It's time for a change. Time for the world to see the political strings influencing their every move, forcing them to live in fear. For our nation was built on rebellion but became something worse than a monarchy... A "democracy", where only the rich and the powerful get their words heard. A nation where the true leaders are cowards and need to elect a political puppet that the country thinks is in charge, a so called president. I have criticized almost everything in this conversation you have taken part in, I critize the government but I also critize conspiracy theorists. I have criticized conservatism, but also liberalism. Why, because they are all wrong, they are all corrupt in their own ways. They all live off greed. Anyway, these leaders cover up the flaws in this system of tyranny, and try to pass themselves off as noble leaders. They try to make it appear that the common man lives in happiness and joy, but it doesn't work like that. Look outside, into the streets of the world, the towns of the galaxies, the cities of the universe, you will see the gray, lifeless face of the people, of social opression. Look in the mirror and you will see your face slowly changing into what I have described, but we are all to blame. We are all as bad as the government because we just sit back and don't try to make a change, we don't care, someone else will do it right? Wrong! There are only two ways to protest/make a change in my book; violent and non violent. Violent, which Jared Loughner demonstrated two weeks ago, catches the people off guard, but often goes wrong. Society will drive everybody crazy, it is inevitable, everyone thinks about killing politicians or scum, just lashing out at societies injustices one time or another, to me, Loughner was just the one that did that, no more, no less. Now non violent, although slow and not as shocking is the way for a real change. Instead of killing them with guns you can kill them with words. Your mind can be the ultimate weapon against the government. Because in the end, the government has an army so they don't have to be worried about rebels with guns, but the ones that can truly hurt them are the rebels that use their brain... something puppets don't have.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Fine Arts

Hey hey it's the last angry man,Voltaire. Over the course of our conversation(blog) I have talked about political corruption, moral decay, and many other things, but I haven't talked about the fine art of music yet. I am a huge fan of the fine arts and my favorite art is a little something called punk rock. The water of society has diluted the once potent punk rock. I still belive in punk, I belive that we may never be able to fully imitate what it was but instead recreate it. Punk is something that sands of time will never bury, even when music "progresses" punk will stand strong. Not enough people make good music anymore, modern "musicians" are too lazy to create something of importance. I know some kids who say that it is impossible to be punk unless you wear skinny jeans and short spikey hair. They think of punk as a fashion statement and nothing more... Well it is more, it is the greatest anti-movement of all time. Punk remains in the hearts of those who live for chaos, those who are tired of modern music that is created by machines, those who have enough of a mind to see that things are messed up, those who know the truth.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Hounds

Voltaire is back... Where has our innocence gone? It has been burned in the furnace of unholy fire. Ahh my metaphorical madness mocks you until the point of insanity. Why? Because I'm the last angry man, fueled by alienation and kept alive through the spirit of an indescribable force of god, man, and the media. Anyway they have unchained the hounds and gave all of their money to the rich. They, meaning you, me, us, them, improper and proper authority, education, and religion. The truth, is like a knife cutting into your heart. The pain of a lifetime is really just heartburn caused by looking into the mirror and seeing what you have become. We live in a world of darkness because all of the lamps of innocence glowing inside of us have sadly burned out. We see the world as a dull, one-way, black and white society. Do you know why? I do! I know the truth! It's because it is a dull, one-way, black and white society, based on war, driven by hate, living off of greed, lust, and dishonesty. When the apocolypse comes around, Earth will be left with disturbing images of violence, drugs, sex, death, life, depression, racism, and genocide... Images

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Keeper

Welcome back to I know the truth. Today I will be talking about a very important subject, one that is as national as it gets. When we elect these so called leaders what are we electing? We are electing members of secret societies, corrupt officials, and tyranical individuals. Have you ever noticed that campaign videos never promote the canidate, they always bring down the opposing one. If we are supposed to believe these videos, then both canidates are corrupt and we can't trust either of them! Which one are we supposed to choose? We vote for the lesser of two evils, for the one who will "lead" us and guide us. It's funny, we don't vote for the one who will help us the most, we vote for the one who will hurt us the least. It is time to blow out the candle that lights this corruption. It's time to tune the radio to a channel that doesn't tell of a future built on lies. It's time to de-illuminate the lamp that illuminates illuminati. Time to feel free again. Time to... Know the truth.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life as we know it

Hey it's your main man voltaire, the word of the day is redemption, what does it mean to you? In some ways people are only truly redeemed on the day they die. Death, the second and last spike on your timeline that is guaranteed. The only two things that you can be sure of in life is birth and death. Birth being the beginning of one chapter of your life. Death being the much more mysterious and interesting one, is the start of a life of coexistence and peace. Heaven and hell, are they the ending of your book, simply another chapter, or the ending of one book and the start of another, think about that. Well that's it for today's issue of I know the truth, keep your eyes open and remember, death is only the beginning of something so much more.

Monday, December 6, 2010

America, Land of the Greed and Home of the Slaves

Hey hey, Voltiare checking in, how you guys doing. So i recently decided to let you in on a small part of the truth. America, what once was built on change, liberty and freedom has lost all of it's defining traits. Did you know that when America was first established, citizens did not have pay direct taxes this is true, because America didn't want to become what they fought so "valiantly" to break away from. They thought the noble citizens of America would end up disliking the American government, well America, you failed. Yes I know the truth that America might have been built on something so pure it can't be described, but that was back then, in these times America revolves around greed and corruption. We have gone to the aid of different countries throughout our history as a country, but when Joseph Kony started kidnapping kids in Uganda, our pigs we call our leaders failed to help out. Why? I know the truth... because there is no profit in it, if America doesn't get anything out of it then why should they do it. Is it not crystal clear, we live in a society ran by corporate phonies and driven by lies. We are slaves to our own country!!!Whenever you doubt your allegiance to America just remember the ending to the most iconic American song in world; The Land of the Greed, and the Home of the Slaves