Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Keeper

Welcome back to I know the truth. Today I will be talking about a very important subject, one that is as national as it gets. When we elect these so called leaders what are we electing? We are electing members of secret societies, corrupt officials, and tyranical individuals. Have you ever noticed that campaign videos never promote the canidate, they always bring down the opposing one. If we are supposed to believe these videos, then both canidates are corrupt and we can't trust either of them! Which one are we supposed to choose? We vote for the lesser of two evils, for the one who will "lead" us and guide us. It's funny, we don't vote for the one who will help us the most, we vote for the one who will hurt us the least. It is time to blow out the candle that lights this corruption. It's time to tune the radio to a channel that doesn't tell of a future built on lies. It's time to de-illuminate the lamp that illuminates illuminati. Time to feel free again. Time to... Know the truth.

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