Monday, December 20, 2010

The Hounds

Voltaire is back... Where has our innocence gone? It has been burned in the furnace of unholy fire. Ahh my metaphorical madness mocks you until the point of insanity. Why? Because I'm the last angry man, fueled by alienation and kept alive through the spirit of an indescribable force of god, man, and the media. Anyway they have unchained the hounds and gave all of their money to the rich. They, meaning you, me, us, them, improper and proper authority, education, and religion. The truth, is like a knife cutting into your heart. The pain of a lifetime is really just heartburn caused by looking into the mirror and seeing what you have become. We live in a world of darkness because all of the lamps of innocence glowing inside of us have sadly burned out. We see the world as a dull, one-way, black and white society. Do you know why? I do! I know the truth! It's because it is a dull, one-way, black and white society, based on war, driven by hate, living off of greed, lust, and dishonesty. When the apocolypse comes around, Earth will be left with disturbing images of violence, drugs, sex, death, life, depression, racism, and genocide... Images

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