Monday, December 6, 2010

America, Land of the Greed and Home of the Slaves

Hey hey, Voltiare checking in, how you guys doing. So i recently decided to let you in on a small part of the truth. America, what once was built on change, liberty and freedom has lost all of it's defining traits. Did you know that when America was first established, citizens did not have pay direct taxes this is true, because America didn't want to become what they fought so "valiantly" to break away from. They thought the noble citizens of America would end up disliking the American government, well America, you failed. Yes I know the truth that America might have been built on something so pure it can't be described, but that was back then, in these times America revolves around greed and corruption. We have gone to the aid of different countries throughout our history as a country, but when Joseph Kony started kidnapping kids in Uganda, our pigs we call our leaders failed to help out. Why? I know the truth... because there is no profit in it, if America doesn't get anything out of it then why should they do it. Is it not crystal clear, we live in a society ran by corporate phonies and driven by lies. We are slaves to our own country!!!Whenever you doubt your allegiance to America just remember the ending to the most iconic American song in world; The Land of the Greed, and the Home of the Slaves

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