Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hello, it's time for you to hear the truth from me, the one and only, the last angry man, Voltaire. We were born into the generation of music written by the untalented. Into a generation where punk was even more alienated than when it first started. Where punk seperated you from the great groups of gourmandizers pushing down on the old laws of music and society. It's time for a change. Time for the world to see the political strings influencing their every move, forcing them to live in fear. For our nation was built on rebellion but became something worse than a monarchy... A "democracy", where only the rich and the powerful get their words heard. A nation where the true leaders are cowards and need to elect a political puppet that the country thinks is in charge, a so called president. I have criticized almost everything in this conversation you have taken part in, I critize the government but I also critize conspiracy theorists. I have criticized conservatism, but also liberalism. Why, because they are all wrong, they are all corrupt in their own ways. They all live off greed. Anyway, these leaders cover up the flaws in this system of tyranny, and try to pass themselves off as noble leaders. They try to make it appear that the common man lives in happiness and joy, but it doesn't work like that. Look outside, into the streets of the world, the towns of the galaxies, the cities of the universe, you will see the gray, lifeless face of the people, of social opression. Look in the mirror and you will see your face slowly changing into what I have described, but we are all to blame. We are all as bad as the government because we just sit back and don't try to make a change, we don't care, someone else will do it right? Wrong! There are only two ways to protest/make a change in my book; violent and non violent. Violent, which Jared Loughner demonstrated two weeks ago, catches the people off guard, but often goes wrong. Society will drive everybody crazy, it is inevitable, everyone thinks about killing politicians or scum, just lashing out at societies injustices one time or another, to me, Loughner was just the one that did that, no more, no less. Now non violent, although slow and not as shocking is the way for a real change. Instead of killing them with guns you can kill them with words. Your mind can be the ultimate weapon against the government. Because in the end, the government has an army so they don't have to be worried about rebels with guns, but the ones that can truly hurt them are the rebels that use their brain... something puppets don't have.

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