Monday, June 6, 2011

Resisting the Wold

How can you resist the world? How can you resist the world when cooperate media influences our every moves. How can you resist the world when you live with ignorant conformists who spend their lives in fear, who care more about being accepted by society than anything else. They try to hide the sorrow that resides in their hearts by giving in to the media, peers, and just about any other influence there is. They know that if they are accepted by the world than no one would ever know how fake and shallow they really are. So how do we stop this? The answer is... we can't because, as sad as it is, we can't always resist what is so much stronger than us, but what we can do is weaken the opposition. Stop giving in to the media, stop trying to conform to their wishes, and don't hide who you are to be accepted!!!!!! The word of the day is routine, for some it is torture, others it is a mystery and yet some it is life. What does it mean to you. Is your life a gray, monotone, life? The pain of a lifetime is looking in the mirror and realizing what you have become. Admit it, you are just as much as a follower and sellout as anyone else and you will be until you try to make a change. If you care about yourself and this world you know that we are heading into the new dark ages, whether it is culturally such as music or movies, or as serious war and violence. Humans are naturally hateful and angry and it is being manifested through violence and murder. I speak for the people without tongues and act for the sheep, I say that we need to advance out of these bleak times, into a time of prosperity. We need to remove the shackles of media, we need to stop being sheep we need to resist the world.

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